Auto Valve Forming & double End Sewing Machine
Auto Valve Forming & double End Sewing Machine
Auto Valve Forming & double End Sewing Machine
Capacity Max. 45 bag / min
Tube Length (TL) 660 -838 mm
Tube Width (TW) 431.8 mm
Gusset Width (GW) 76mm
Stitch Range 15.5 mm
Number of Ply Max. 6
Main Drive Motor 2.2 kw (3 HP)
Net Weight Approx. 4.7 tons
Gross Weight Approx. 6.9 tons
Measurement Approx. 1,450 cft
Packing 1 × 40"

DSM-3 THE Model DSM-3 is a double-head sewion machine best suited to the production of valve type cement bags.Both ends of a tube are sewn simultaneously by two sewing machines installed on the right and left (NL DN-2HS and NL DN-2LHS). Crepe tape is automatically cut to a fixed length by NLC or NLC-L.

This auto value forming & double end sewing machine is specially designed for multi-wall PP-paper bags/cement bags. The machine is composed by for major units, which are the conveying unit (12C-3ST), vale forming unit (14C-3S), double end sewing unit (DSM-3) and bag stacking unit (11C-2), and the production output could reach to 45 bags per minute. Both  ends are sewn simultaneously. An installed sensor will stop automatically once it detects more than one bag in the line. In addition, the well developed functions of the value forming unit and the auto vacuum suction unit (PAT. ENT. 72976) will improve the production efficiency, by which shall be able to save up time and money for you company.